Dim Sum 点心

Chef Rolls

    • £ 7.20

Pork and veg wrapped in a crispy rice coating.

Sao Mai

    • £ 6.50

Open-faced dumplings with a juicy and flavourful pork

Ha Gau

    • £ 6.90

The most popular dim sum dish. Juicy prawn filling wrapped in a translucent skin and steamed

Char Siu Bao

    • £ 6.50

Honey roast pork buns

Summer Roll (GFO)

    • £ 8.50

King prawn, vermicelli wrapped in rice paper served with peanut sauce. (Gluten Free Option)  

Soft Shell Crab

    • £ 10.00

Deep fried crab with salad

Sweet Potato CroqutteVg

    • £ 6.90

Deep fried with home made sauce


    • £ 6.20

Delicious steamed green soya beans in Chef’s special sauce.

Agedashi TofuVg

    • £ 6.20

Deep fried tofu in tempura sauce (Gluten Free)

Ebi Katsu

    • £ 7.20

King prawns deep fried in breadcrumbs served with a sweet chilli sauce

Gyoza VegVg

    • £ 7.20

Dumplings filled with mixed vegetables served with ginger and vinegar

Gyoza Chicken

    • £ 7.20

Dumplings filled with chicken served with ginger and vinegar

Satay TofuVg

    • £ 9.50

Tender Tofu pieces served in a rich peanut dipping sauce. GF.

Satay Chicken

    • £ 7.20

Tender chicken pieces served in a rich peanut dipping sauce. GF.

Vegetarian Spring RollsVg

    • £ 5.20

Crispy pastry stuffed with julienned veggies. Served with sweet chilli sauce.

Veg Summer RollVg

    • £ 8.50

Veg and tofu wrapped in a rice paper with peanut sauce. V, GFO.

Sesame Prawn Toast

    • £ 7.50

Prawns deep fried with bread & covered in toasted sesame seeds