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226 Stoke Newington High Street
London N16 7HU

Open 7 days a week

Mon-Fri: 12pm-3pm, 5pm-11pm Sat-Sun: 12pm-11pm

No order taken after 10:45pm

Fried noodle

All dishes come with a choice of Udon, Ho Fun, Vermicelli or Egg noodle.

58. Itto Fried Noodle (sauce)

Chicken, prawns, beef, crabsticks & seasonal vegetables


59. Grilled Salmon on Fried Noodle (sauce)

A large grilled salmon llet on a bed of seasonal vegetables in a sukiyaki sauce & chilli


60. Seafood Fried Noodle (sauce)

Prawns, squid, shcake, crabsticks & select vegetables


61. Beef in Black Bean Sauce Fried Noodle (sauce)

Beef fried with peppers & onions in a black bean sauce


63. Combi Roast Fried Noodle

A combo of roasted duck & BBQ pork fried with vegetable


64. Vegetable Fried Noodle

Seasonal vegetables& tofu


65. King Prawn Fried Noodle

King Prawn fried with bean sprouts& onions


66. Chicken Fried Noodle

Chicken fried with bean sprouts& onions


67. Beef Fried Noodle

Beef fried with bean sprouts& onions


68. Singapore Fried Noodle

Chicken , roast pork & shrimps fried in mildly spicy Singapore avor


69. Vegetarian Singapore Noodle

Vegetables fried in a mildly spicy Singapore avor